Sa Phin Market

Dong Van, in Ha Giang, North Vietnam

Sa Phin Market You can get to Xa Phin market when coming from Yen Minh on the QL4C but it is likely that you will arrive too late in the day to see anything. More likely is that you will back track from Dong Van to get to the market and then head up to […]

Lung Phin Market

Small house set in valley in Vietnam

Lung Phin Market The stereotypical image of Ha Giang is one of rocky limestone outcrops and ethnic people. Another image synonymous with Ha Giang and these people is that of the open market. The place where locals come to meet, trade, eat, drink and socialize usually once a week but sometimes once a year for […]

Ha Giang Loop 5 Day Itinerary

Ha Giang Fairy Mountain

Overview This 5-day itinerary gives you lots of time to see the best off the sights in the Ha Giang area. It gives you some flexibility in where to stay so you can adjust as you go along. The loop starts and ends in Ha Giang City, which sits on the Lo River at quite […]

Bac Sum Pass – Ha Giang

cool windy road between Ha Giang and Dong Van

Bac Sum Pass This is going to be your first challenge on the loop. You will have skirted along the Lo River for some distance and gotten used to the traffic or lack of. Watch out for buffalo, farmers and children all not paying too much attention to you. After enjoying that 30km of calm […]

Mai Chau Sunset Hotel

Mai Chau Sunset Boutique Hotel signage

Situated in Poom Coong village this is a great little spot with good food, soft beds and great service. Well worth a visit.

How to get a Ha Giang Permit

a little track up in Ha Giang

There is some debate over whether this needed or not. Strictly speaking, you do. This is how to get one if you decide to.

Rice Wine in Ha Giang

dragon statue in chua cao, chua thay

Rice wine is drunk almost as much as water up in the highlands of Ha Giang. What is it all about? Find out here. ..

Motorbike Rental in Ha Giang

Cat motors bikes

Motorbike rental in Ha Giang. Information on the nuts and bolts of rental helping you to get a decent bike and not have any problems.

Lung Tam Linen Weaving Co-Op

Ha Giang View Small Track

Lung Tam linen Weaving Co-Op is a fascinating project that has been running for over 20yrs, changing the lives and the community of the local H’mong people in Lung Tam.

Heaven’s Gate – Quan Ba

Ha Giang Fairy Hills

Heaven’s Gate and Fairy Mountains Around 45km out from Ha Giang City you will be in Quyet Tien Village and you may have stopped off for a quick break and a drink. If so, you will see the climb up to Heaven’s Gate. You could easily skip Quyet Tien and go straight up to the […]