How To Get To Ba Vi National Park

Overview Ba Vi National Park is around 55km to the West of Hanoi. It is easy to get to and makes a good day trip or an overnight trip. It isn’t really a stop over on route to anywhere as it is so close to Hanoi and quick to get to.┬áThere are a wide range […]

How To Get To Mai Chau

fun wee road in Mai Chau

Overview Mai Chau is a rural district of Hoa Binh Province. It’s been a popular tourist destination for more than 20 years, because of its gorgeous scenery and its close proximity to Hanoi. Nowadays, it can get quite busy so those that visit seeking peace and quiet tend to stay a little further out than […]

How To Get To Lang Son

a view out over bac son valley with low lying cloud

Overview Lang Son and stretching up to Cao Bang is an area characterized by a very rugged geography. It is stylized by these small hillocks with narrow valleys in between. It is very appealing to photographers due to the way the early morning and evening light beams through small gaps in the ridge tops. For […]

How to Get to Ninh Binh

the gate to Ninh Binh's Bai Dinh Pagoda

This is how to get to Ninh Binh, which is surrounded by great places to visit and huge range of accommodation suitable for all budgets.

How to Get to Ha Giang Province

Here is a quick easy reference map that shows you how to get to Ha Giang Province. There are several choices to make and no route is THE route. Everything depends on your situation. The chances are that you will be travelling to Ha Giang from any of these four places: Hanoi, Lao Cai, Cao […]

How to Get to Chua Thay

the little pagoda at Chua Thay, on Long Tri Lake

Chua Thay Chua Thay is about 30km west of Hanoi and it takes roughly 1 hr to drive there by motorbike or car. It is also known as Thien Phuc Tu (Temple of Heavenly Blessings) and is dedicated to Thich Ca Buddha. Tu Dao Hanh was the chief monk of the temple and the annual […]