Vietnam 54 Ethnic Groups

Vietnam is a multi ethnic country with over fifty distinct groups (54 are recognized by the Vietnamese government), each with its own language, lifestyle, and cultural heritage.[1] Many of the local ethnic groups residing in mountain areas are known collectively in the West as Montagnard or Degar. The largest ethnic groups are: Kinh (Viet) 85.7%, Tay 1.9%, Tai Ethnic 1.8%, Mường 1.5%, Khmer Krom(Khơ Me Crộm) 1.5%, Hmong 1.2%, Nùng 1.1%, Hoa 1%, with all others comprising the remaining 4.3% (2009 census). The Vietnamese term for ethnic group is người thiểu số or dân tộc thiểu số (literally “minority people”). One distinctive feature of highland ethnic minority groups in Vietnam is that they are colorfully attired whether at home, on the farm, traveling or in their home town. Many ethnic groups elsewhere such as southern part of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, China, Papua New Guinea, and many other countries do not wear attractive clothes while engaged in their day-to-day activities. The clothing of one group is quite different from that of other groups and this adds color to the social landscape.

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Based On Their Languages, The Ethnologists Have Divided The Vietnamese Nation Into Eight Groups As Follows

1. Mon – Khmer (Ba Na, Brau, Bru Van Kieu, Cho Ro, Co, Co Ho, Co Tu, Gie Trieng, Hre, Khang, Khmer, Kho Mu, Ma, Mang, M’nong, O Du, Ro Mam, Ta Oi, Xinh Mun, Xo Dang, and Xtieng)
2. Tay – Thai (Bo Y, Giay, Lao, Lu, Nung, San Chay, Tay, and Thai)
3. Tibeto – Burman (Cong, Ha Nhi, La Hu, Lo Lo, Phu La, and Si La)
4. Malayo – Polynesian (Cham, Chu Ru, E De, Gia Rai, and Ra Glai)
5. Viet – Muong (Chut, Kinh, Muong, and Tho)
6. Kadai (Co, Lao, La Chi, La Ha, and Pu Peo)
7. Mong – Dao (Dao, H’Mong, and Pa Then)
8. Han (Hoa, Ngai, and San Diu)

List (in alphabetical order) of the 54 Ethnic Groups

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01. Ba Na ethnic group
02. Bo Y ethnic group
03. Brau ethnic group
04. Bru Van Kieu ethnic group
05. Cham ethnic group
06. Cho Ro ethnic group
07. Chu Ru ethnic group
08. Chut ethnic group
09. Co ethnic group
10. Cong ethnic group
11. Co Ho ethnic group
12. Co Lao ethnic group
13. Co Tu ethnic group
14. Dao ethnic group
15. E De ethnic group
16. Giay ethnic group
17. Gia Rai ethnic group
18. Gie Trieng ethnic group
19. Ha Nhi ethnic group
20. Hoa ethnic group
21. Hre ethnic group
22. Khang ethnic group
23. Khmer ethnic group
24. Kho Mu ethnic group
25. Kinh (Viet) ethnic group
26. La Chi ethnic group
27. La Ha ethnic group
28. La Hu ethnic group
29. Lao ethnic group
30. Lo Lo ethnic group
31. Lu ethnic group
32. Ma ethnic group
33. Mang ethnic group
34. Mong (H’Mong) ethnic group
35. M’nong ethnic group
36. Muong ethnic group
37. Ngai ethnic group
38. Nung ethnic group
39. O Du ethnic group
40. Pa Then ethnic group
41. Phu La ethnic group
42. Pu Peo ethnic group
43. Ra Glai ethnic group
44. Ro Mam ethnic group
45. San Chay ethnic group
46. San Diu ethnic group
47. Si La ethnic group
48. Tay ethnic group
49. Ta Oi ethnic group
50. Thai ethnic group
51. Tho ethnic group
52. Xinh Mun ethnic group
53. Xo Dang ethnic group
54. Xtieng ethnic group

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Sources: Wikipedia, Offroad Vietnam

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