Mai Chau Sunset Hotel / Homestay

This small family run hotel was set up over twenty years ago by Ong Duc (Grandfather Duc), who still potters around helping out. Now, his daughters and grandchildren run the place and he has a more supervisory role.

The hotel is in the village of Poom Coong and is a short distance from noisier Ban Lac Village and Mai Chau Town. It is still relatively peaceful unless there is some booming Karaoke going on, which there can be.

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Mai Chau Sunset Bar

There is a fantastic cocktail bar set on the 2nd floor of the building and this is where they get their name. It is the perfect place to watch the sunset early in the evening whilst having an aperitif.

You get this great view over the rice paddy and football field.

Mai Chau Sunset View

There is a wonderful balcony that you can sit on to do this. It is open for anyone not only hotel guests so even if you are not staying there, you can still enjoy a sundowner.

mai chau sunset balcony and staff

The staff are typically Thai, very helpful and polite. It is a very relaxing spot and would suit you well after a long trek or day sight seeing.

Breakfast is stunning

One of the reasons I have always stayed here is because of the food. This example breakfast shows you how great it is. There is a little something for everyone.

Mai Chau Sunset Breakfast


These are absolutely wonderful and you wouldn’t think that you are in a little Thai village out in the countryside. For me, the bed is too soft but I have never had a visitor complain about that. It is usually the opposite.

Mai Chau Sunset Pool

You have twin bed or double bed options.

Mai Chau Sunset Lux Bedroom


The bathrooms in the hotel are very nice and very much of a standard that you would expect. There is hot and cold running water and everything is very clean.

Mai Chau Sunset Toilet

Swimming Pool

Oh, joy of joys. There is a pool. You will really appreciate this on the hot days of Summer when you need to cool off. Cocktails by the pool is just the thing.

Mai Chau Sunset Pool

Budget Rooms

Sunset Hotel also has the much cheaper dorm room option. This is great if you want to save cash and also if you are in a large group. They are very clean and quite comfortable. I usually have my best night’s sleep in these dorms and wake up feeling fresh.

Mai Chau Sunset Dorm Bed

Thing to do around there

If you have a day to spend in Mai Chau, you have several options of things to do.

There are plenty of other things to do around Mai Chau. For more ideas, take a look at Lily’s Travel

How to get there

You can get over to Mai Chau by car or bus with a driver, by local bus, or drive yourself by motorbike. The trip takes about 3 hrs and is on good road.

If you are driving, check out our route blog here and consider taking a quality motorbike from Rent A Bike Vietnam

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Where to next?

From Mai Chau it is natural to either head for Pu Luong and loop back round to Hanoi or head further West to Moc Chau and maybe Dien Bien Phu.

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